Transfer Qmiles from one account to another? This is possible in the Privilege Club loyalty program

Qatar Airways’ loyalty program, Privilege Club, introduces a novelty for its Canadian members: they can now transfer their privilege points to any member subscribed to this rewards program.

Transferring frequent flyer miles from one account to another airline mileage account can usually be done, but at a cost. Familiarize yourself with the regulations of your specific Privilege Club airline miles program before pledging your miles to someone else.

Under what conditions is it allowed to transfer Qmiles miles to another person?

Can you give miles to another member of the Privilege Club program? Transfer to another person is allowed under the following conditions: There must be enough Qmiles in the account.

Determine how many miles you need to transfer to the other person’s account

This will vary depending on whether you’re trying to increase someone’s account to earn a free ticket from them, or whether you’re just transferring miles that won’t be used. Your Qatar Airways airline may impose a restriction on the number of miles that can be transferred.

Up to 250,000 Qmiles can be transferred per year. There are also limits on their number for 1 transaction – 1000 Qpoints. The restrictions on recipients mean that a program member is only allowed to accept a maximum of 25 transfers per year.

The points obtained are not classified as qualifying points

This means that the status in the program will not change from Burgunday to Silver or Gold, crediting units from other accounts. You cannot reverse a transaction made in error.

Keep in mind that transactions on a commercial basis are not allowed, as the carrier reserves the right to block the account.

You will need the number of miles on the account and the full name of the person the miles are being transferred to. Your email address may also be required.

Contact your friend or family member and have them verify your account to make sure the miles transfer was successful.

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  1. Antonio mateo

    why didn’t american airlines enter my miles from qatar airways because he is covered by the oneworld alliance

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