Al Safwa Lounge: A place where you will savor the comfort before each departure

Airport lounges are considered resting places between flights. Spend 1 or 2 hours, where you can eat and have a rest. Among thousands of rooms around the world, few are so memorable that they make it a must stop or even a destination.

Exquisite travelers know that airport lounges are the best way to avoid crowded terminals and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere before flight departs. There are lounges that go beyond the dynamics of the traditional and receive the traveler with special proposals to transform the passage through the airport into a unique and unforgettable experience.

If there is now one VIP lounge that can be considered the best in the world, it is the one at Doha Airport, as one of the most exclusive trade shows in the world. Qatar’s capital airport has a VIP lounge for Firsts and another for Business. The lounge dedicated to first class passengers, called Al Safwa, is an exclusive space in which every inch, every feature and every detail is specially designed to create the most luxurious experience in a VIP lounge.

Al Safwa is only accessible to passengers traveling in first class. It doesn’t matter whether you have oneworld status or are traveling first class on other airlines, you can only enter Al Safwa as a Qatar Airways first class passenger.

Interestingly, you can still access this luxurious area using miles (Qmiles or another oneworld member) if you book first class directly.

Qatar did not want to miss the opportunity to show the world in this showcase the grandeur and essence of Arab style and traditions. And it is truly a good example of Arab luxury and exclusivity in a refined, modern and minimalist environment. In this sense and as part of an ongoing collaboration with the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) in Doha, he presents a series of showcases where he exhibits Islamic art and objects on loan from the National Museum.

As for services and entertainment, guests can enjoy à la carte dining; make use of a full business center, or the elegant spa where they can enjoy a tailor-made service of relaxing massages. There is no shortage of private rooms with bed, television and shower, ideal for catching up on sleep or working in peace, before boarding; nor an entertainment room with a cinema room included and a space dedicated to families.

At this lounge, travelers enjoy a range of services and benefits, including on-demand dining, an integrated business center, luxury spa, movie and game rooms, and family space. Private rooms include a bed, TV, table and private bathroom for showering, and travelers can relax in one of the many luxurious spaces available in the luxurious living room and enjoy authentic Arabian hospitality.

The First Class lounge is available to First Class passengers aboard the Qatar Airways Airbus A380. Qatar Airways offers its first class luxury services on select flights to London, Paris, Bangkok, Guangzhou in China and Sydney in Asia, …

The lounge offers a restaurant with signature dishes accompanied by excellent wines from the best European vineyards. Al Safwa even has a cinema and private rooms that can be booked for four hours.

The space is rated with the maximum of five stars by Skytrax, a British consulting firm specializing in analyzing and comparing the quality of different airlines and airports around the world.

While VIP lounges usually have a buffet

gastronomic, armchairs and a little space to work, that of Doha is certainly different: it has play rooms – one for parents and one for children, a business area with individual workstations, printers and meeting room, a 250-seat restaurant, massage room, spa, jacuzzi, pedicure and manicure service and up to twelve private rooms for those who need to stay overnight or just want a restorative nap.

Even though it seems a bit far-fetched to define it as inclusive as its access is limited to Qatar Airways First and Business class passengers, those in the OneWorld alliance (British, Latams, and Americans, among others) are also welcome.

If you are not qualified to access this lounge because you are not traveling in the corresponding cabin, you must pay the following fees: 600 QR ($ 165).

2 Replies to “Al Safwa Lounge: A place where you will savor the comfort before each departure”

  1. Kevin Ripley-England

    I am looking to book a first class flight from Male to Doh before connecting to a BA flight back to London. I wondered if I would be able to use the Al Safwa lounge as I am arriving in Doha, or is it just for first class passengers departing Doha?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Ronny Maurice Van de Veire

    Dear sir,
    On 9 March we are flying from Bangkok to Brussels.
    Mr. Ronny Mauruce Van de Veire
    Mr. Reza Ardebiliasl
    Booking ref: O7PHJK, we fly in business class
    We would like to book Al Safwa loung during our transit in Doha.
    We have tried on line but could not do it, we did on our going flight.
    Could you book it for us?

    Sincerely yours,

    Ronny Maurice Van de Veire

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