Fancy a fitness session, swimming for a workout, Vitality Health & Fitness Center meets your needs

If you have a layover at Hamad International Airport, or just want to relax, refresh, or rejuvenate before or after your flight, head to the Vitality Health & Fitness Center. In addition to the stunning 25-meter glass-roofed swimming pool suspended above the terminal, there is a fully equipped gym and a shower room with towels, slippers, toiletries and more. But do not forget the time, because in this oasis of calm and tranquility, you can hardly remember that you are at the airport.

The Vitality Health & Fitness Center is designed for travel enthusiasts

Experts at the center offer aromatherapy, revitalizing massages, purifying facials, and general ways to revitalize and rejuvenate the weary traveler. In addition, there are also squash courts with rackets, balls and shoes, as well as massages and other beauty and body treatments available.

Thus, the Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Center offers all the classic spa treatments

Entrance fees start at $ 175 and allow you to relax in the pool, play sports, and take a refreshing dip in the shower. The wellness center is open 24/7.

Want to train between flights? Maybe the spa treatment is exceeding your speed? You can enjoy both at the Vitality Health & Fitness Center, located in the transit hotel between gates A10 and B10. For a fixed price, you can use the swimming pool, hydrotherapy bath, gym, squash courts (available for hire) and showers. You can also upgrade to a package that includes massages and other spa treatments.

Showers and wellness at Doha airport

Doha Airport showers are located at the Vitality Health and Fitness Center at the airport hotel. Additionally, showers at Hamad International Airport can be found in its lounges. Whether you want a quick workout between flights or want to pamper yourself and cool off, the hotel’s wellness center at the airport offers access to the swimming pool, gym, squash courts, swimming pool and showers for a fixed price and more.

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  1. Aleksi

    Could you tell me the fee for just the gym, or does the entrance fee cover the gym as well? And how much for the gym + pool?

    Thank you!

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