Qatar Executive: Ultramodern planes leased to passengers for their business trips

Travel with Qatar Airways Business Jets and enjoy a luxurious and comfortable travel experience aboard private jets.

Qatar Executive is a business jet subsidiary of Qatar Airways, headquartered in Doha. In addition to its main aircraft leasing business, Qatar Executive Services Group also includes aircraft management and maintenance and a full range of services, fixed Operating (FBO) at Doha International Airport.

One of the airlines that offer special charter flights for private passengers is Qatar Executive which provides charter jets to businessmen on request, giving them the opportunity to travel independently.

Qatar Executive began its short and successful path to leadership in charter air transport by organizing charter flights for private clients, corporations and government agencies. As a subsidiary of Qatar Airways, one of the world’s leading airlines, Qatar Executive serves its customers at the highest level. The home airport and transit hub for Qatar Airways is Doha Hamad Airport (Hamad International Airport).

Qatar Executive was established with the aim of providing ground handling services to international airlines, senior officials and businessmen, private jets, charter flights and air cargo operators. The company employs highly qualified employees from multiple cultures and countries belonging to more than 52 countries. The company always seeks to meet the aspirations of all of its customers, whether travelers or shipping companies and others.

Thanks to the exceptional success of this company and its ability to achieve customer satisfaction in terms of training and skills. While the 24-hour company operations are vital to the smooth running of operations at Hamad International Airport, it helps provide solutions to ensure a distinguished travel experience for passengers of all airlines from overseas to from the time they arrive at the airport until the time they get on the plane. The company also offers its premium services to process various cargo and air shipments at its state-of-the-art air cargo facility.

A modern fleet is powerful at the service of businessmen

Qatar Executive Airlines currently operates 18 private aircraft, including the Gulfstream G650ER, Gulfstream G500 and Global 5000. Qatar Executive is proud to be the world’s leading operator of the modern Gulfstream G700 aircraft which combines exceptional performance, modern technology and a spacious cabin.

Qatar Executive is in the process of converting its fleet exclusively to Gulfstream models. Gulfstream is one of the pioneers of business jets. The performance and design of the models in the Super-Midsize and Global Jet categories are remarkable. You can book charter flights to travel with the Qatari airline at exclusive prices.

This aircraft features an extra-long cabin with a lounge or crew cabin, up to five seats, and a spacious master bedroom with en-suite bathroom in addition to 20 panoramic windows.

Qatar Executive is the world’s largest owner-operator of the Gulfstream G650ER. It also operates three Bombardier Global 5000s, one Bombardier Global XRS and one Airbus A319CJ.

What is special about Qatar Executive private jets is that they are not tied to a single departure airport, but rather travel between very different destinations.

Contact Qatar Executive for all aircraft charter

For all inquiries regarding a private jet reservation, or any other service offered by Qatar Executive, please call +97440221700 (24/7 operational number). You can also send your requests by email to:

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