So many services are offered by Qatar Airways on board its planes, discover them through this guide

Qatar Airways boasts a set of features that provide its passengers with comfort, pleasure and privacy and always make it the first choice for them when planning to travel, such as:

– A modern and advanced fleet of aircraft subject to periodic maintenance and managed by a highly qualified flight and reception crew who have won several international awards.

– Spacious cabins and comfortable seats, ideal for sleeping and lounging, with equipment and utensils to do so.

– Delicious local and international dishes and a variety of snacks, sweets and hot and cold drinks.

– Special care for young children, families, ill travelers and people with disabilities.

– Various entertainment content suitable for adults and children, with modern audio and video equipment to follow, and international and wireless communications at the highest level of quality, privacy and comfort.

– A frequent flyer loyalty program (Privilege Club) which allows its members to redeem travel miles for free flights and distances, post-flight services, class upgrades, priority check-in and boarding and access to executive lounges at the airport.

Services in flight 

Qatar Airways offers a range of distinguished services on its domestic and international flights to various destinations and travel classes to ensure the comfort of its customers and earn their trust and satisfaction. Among the most important air services provided by the company are:

Find the taste of food

Qatar Airways offers its passengers a variety of snacks with main dishes prepared from fresh seasonal ingredients with delicious Arabic and Western flavors, as well as a range of refreshing drinks before, during and after the flight such as juices fresh or sparkling fruit, cocktails, …, with tea and coffee with Arabic flavors After each meal, you can sweeten it with a choice of dozens of delicious oriental and western sweets.

Qatar Airways also offers personalized menus for people with special diets, provided a notification is sent one or two days before flight departure.

Open sky entertainment

Qatar Airways provides passengers on its flights with the ORYX ONE PLAY app, which is pre-downloaded from smartphone stores, to enjoy approximately 4,000 varied entertainment content suitable for all tastes and ages including international films, animated films, video games and television programs on personal phone.

Qatar Airways offers passengers on its flights a range of amenities that provide them with the comfort and enjoyment required during the flight, such as: comfortable fully reclining seats that convert to a bed with an adjustable headrest and sleeping arrangements, services Free wireless internet Wifi with On Air Service to manage SMS and international phone calls, personal monitors and headphones with a special remote control.

Shopping ten thousand meters above sea level

Qatar Airways offers its passengers at Hamad International Airport in Doha a shopping experience through its duty free shops, which cover an area of ​​40,000 square meters and include a distinguished assortment of thousands of top duty free products. major international brands such as watches, cosmetics, clothing and accessories.

Additionally, by booking Qatar Airways and purchasing tickets from the official website, you can participate in a raffle and win valuable cash or in-kind prizes.

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