Flying Qatar Airways during pregnancy: Here are the rules that pregnant women must follow

Qatar Airways, which operates flights to more than 160 destinations around the world, offers a service dedicated to especially expectant mothers. Indeed, for their comfort, the air carrier allows them to ask for a larger seat at check-in, where the cradles are usually fixed or on the aisle side, near the toilets, or a seat equipped with footrests to maintain their legs elevated during the flight.

Indeed, to ensure the safety of the woman and her unborn baby, several rules have been established for her air transport on board the company’s planes.

However, Qatar Airways advises these customers to consult a doctor before booking their ticket, and to ensure that they are fit to fly taking into account the duration of the trip, to avoid running costs, unnecessary risks to mother and baby.

Remember that the airline company will refuse access on board to women who are 36 weeks or more pregnant.

Medical certificates

The medical certificates requested by the Qatar Airways airline from pregnant women must be drawn up in English and include the following information:

– Patient’s name and date of birth
– Expected delivery date
– Planned flight dates
– Confirmation of a single pregnancy without complications, or multiple, or with complications
– Confirmation that the patient is “fit to travel” for the entire journey, including return (if applicable)
– Date, stamp and contact details of an authorized doctor.

Note that the (medical certificate) to be downloaded from the link, must be dated a maximum of 10 days before the scheduled date of flight departure, and must be valid for the entire duration of the trip.

MEDIF forms must be completed in English and transmitted to Qatar Airways at least 48 hours and at most 7 days before flight departure. These forms can be downloaded from the following link.

Regulations for the carriage of pregnant women at Qatar Airways

At Qatar Airways, boarding pregnant women may require the acquisition of a medical certificate. This varies, in fact, depending on the stage of pregnancy, as follows:

– From up to 28 weeks:

If the pregnancy progresses without complications, the pregnant woman is not obliged to have a medical certificate or a MEDIF form. That said, the medical certificate is recommended for this case, in order to avoid any delays at the airport.

– From the start of the 29th week to the end of the 32nd week:

If the pregnancy presents itself without complications, a medical certificate will be requested from the pregnant woman.

– From the start of the 29th week to the end of the 32nd week:

If it is a multiple pregnancy or with complications, the pregnant woman must have a medical certificate and a MEDIF form

– From the start of the 33rd week to the end of the 35th week:

If the pregnancy is uncomplicated, a medical certificate and a MEDIF form should be presented
Restrictions applied by Qatar Airways in terms of travel for pregnant women:

Qatar Airways denies access to its planes to pregnant women in the following cases:

– Women who are 33 weeks or more pregnant, who have multiple pregnancies or have complications.
– Women who are 36 weeks or more pregnant.

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