Qatar Airways: Incredible discount on its flights between Doha and Algiers

The airline Qatar Airways has launched an attractive offer for its customers wishing to take Doha-Algiers flights.

The Qatari carrier took advantage of Black Friday to lift the veil on its new promotional offer to travel between these two destinations.

Passengers of this company can take advantage of a significant price discount on air ticket prices.
Fares for this flight have been reduced by 25%. They are displayed at the price of 3702 QAR or its equivalent in Algerian currency. Offered as part of the Friday Rush offer, they are available for booking until next Friday, and can be used to take the Algiers-Diga flight between January 15 and June 30 next year. Tickets can be reserved online at any time.

Passengers who wish to book plane tickets for this flight before the end of the current year will benefit from an even more attractive discount (up to 50%).

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