Qatar Airways expands its network in Africa with flights to Kinshasa and Luanda

By expanding its horizons well beyond the usual glamorous destinations, Qatar Airways has just taken a new step by announcing the opening of its very first airline linking Doha to Kinshasa, with an intermediate stop in Luanda. This new route highlights the airline’s commitment to exploring less traditional but strategic markets on the African continent.

Starting this year, travelers will be able to fly to Kinshasa, one of Africa’s most dynamic cities, aboard Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. This aircraft, which can accommodate up to 252 passengers in a two-class configuration, promises comfort and elegance on one of the company’s most promising routes.

“This new addition is considered authentic and reflects our airline’s commitment to increasing its market share in a very competitive sector,” explains Thierry Antinori, Chief Commercial Officer of Qatar Airways. The strategy seems clear: diversify destinations to capture a varied clientele and meet the growing demand for travel in Africa.

The introduction of this flight is also a boon for economic and tourism relations between Qatar, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It opens new avenues for investment and tourism, sectors in which both African countries have much to offer.

With Kinshasa as one of the most visited cities in Africa, this new route could well be a game-changer for Qatar Airways, which continues to assert its presence in an increasingly competitive African market. It remains to be seen how this expansion will influence travel dynamics in the region and beyond.

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