FIFA World Cup 2022: Golf Airlines operating flights to Qatar

The FIFA World Cup 2022 to be held in Qatar is fast approaching. And in order to ensure regular frequencies to transport passengers wishing to watch the matches of this biggest sporting event in its category, to Doha and the other Qatari cities hosting the football stadiums to host the matches, several airlines based in the Gulf countries will play an important role in this mission.

They are air operators with a range of different types of modern aircraft, in addition to highly qualified employees, and who have won many international awards in the field of aviation, as they have a long experience in the field, in addition to transporting millions of passengers.

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al-Baker confirmed at a conference that Gulf airlines will cooperate with Qatar Airways during the 2022 World Cup, and this is part of the transport agreement in the World Cup”.

The Qatari official gave the example of Oman Airlines which will serve up to forty-eight daily routes, i.e. eight additional frequencies compared to those offered by Saudia, while FlyDubai will deploy its planes sixty times a day to transport passengers wishing to attend. at World Cup matches.

For its part, Kuwait Airways has announced that its program will include sixteen daily flights to transport up to one thousand and seven hundred passengers to various Qatari destinations.

They are air carriers that are among the largest companies in the Gulf region and the world with a large fleet of different types of aircraft.

These services will all be offered as part of the Match Day Shuttle programme, which was created by all of these operators to facilitate the transport of their passengers wishing to attend the matches of this competition by offering them return flights during the day of football matches.

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