Qatar Airways Chengdu office in China

Located in the bustling Hi-Tech District, the Qatar Airways Office in Chengdu serves as a pivotal point for travelers seeking world-class service and assistance. Residing in Seaton Plaza, this office stands as a testament to Qatar Airways' commitment to excellence in customer service and travel solutions. Whether it's for flight reservations, inquiries, or detailed travel planning, the staff at the Chengdu office are well-equipped to provide comprehensive support.

Easily reachable through various communication channels, including phone and email, this office ensures that every query is handled with utmost care and professionalism. A cornerstone in the realm of global travel, the Chengdu office of Qatar Airways seamlessly blends local expertise with international standards of air travel.

Chengdu office contact Information

  • Address: Room 2609-2610, Block C of Seaton Plaza, No.666 of Middle Phase of Tianfu Avenue, Hi-Tech District, Chengdu, China
  • Email:
  • Service Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Phone number: 400-994-9991

Traveler Needs and Services from Chengdu office

Seamless Flight Booking Experience: Expert guidance in booking and managing flights, ensuring a smooth and efficient reservation process.

In-Depth Local Destination Knowledge: Providing valuable insights into local destinations, including tips on must-visit places and cultural norms.

Travel Documentation Assistance: Offering help with visas, passports, and other travel documents to ensure a hassle-free journey.

Customized Travel Packages: Crafting travel packages that cater to individual preferences, whether for leisure, business, or family trips.

Onward Journey Planning: Assistance with planning onward journeys in China, including connections, transit information, and accommodation arrangements.

Language Support Services: Offering language support to bridge communication gaps, enhancing the travel experience for non-Mandarin speakers.

Health and Safety Advice for Travelers: Providing up-to-date information on health and safety, including pandemic-related advisories and precautions.

Guidance on Frequent Flyer Programs: Detailed information about Qatar Airways' frequent flyer programs, helping travelers make the most of their loyalty benefits.

Assistance with Special Requests: Catering to special requests such as meals, seating preferences, and accessibility needs for a personalized travel experience.

Support for Unexpected Travel Changes: Responsive assistance for last-minute changes or disruptions, ensuring peace of mind for travelers under unforeseen circumstances.

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