Qatar Airways Office in Kathmandu (Nepal)

Situated on Hattisar Sadak, within Sundar Bhawan in Kathmandu, the Qatar Airways office serves as a paradigm of exceptional customer service and expert travel management in Nepal. This office is pivotal in connecting Nepalese travelers to Qatar Airways' expansive network, offering personalized and detailed flight reservation services.

In Kathmandu, the Qatar Airways team is committed to addressing a wide range of travel needs, ensuring that each journey aligns with the airline’s high standards of comfort and efficiency. From planning comprehensive international routes to accommodating urgent travel needs, the office merges Qatar Airways' global service quality with local expertise, delivering an unparalleled travel experience for every customer.

Kathmandu Office Contact Information

  • Address location: Hattisar Sadak, Sundar Bhawan, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: +977 1-4540376

Traveler Needs and Services from Kathmandu office

  • Assisting with quick and efficient last-minute flight bookings.
  • Managing detailed group travel arrangements.
  • Offering various fare options for different travel preferences.
  • Providing specialized assistance for passengers with special needs.
  • Coordinating safe travel for unaccompanied minors.
  • Tailoring services for passengers with specific health requirements.
  • Facilitating flight changes, including date and destination adjustments.
  • Updating passenger information in existing reservations.
  • Assisting with rescheduling flights due to personal emergencies.
  • Addressing issues related to flight delays and cancellations.
  • Helping with rebooking and alternative travel solutions during disruptions.
  • Advising on excess baggage policies and associated fees.
  • Handling inquiries about special or oversized baggage.
  • Clarifying standard baggage allowances and size/weight limitations.
  • Streamlining the check-in process for a smoother airport experience.
  • Providing guidance on airport security and boarding procedures.
  • Offering information about airport facilities and lounge access.
  • Assisting with queries regarding flight schedules and operational times.
  • Providing information and support related to Qatar Airways’ loyalty programs.
  • Helping travelers understand loyalty program benefits and points redemption.

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