Qatar Airways Office in Malta

Qatar Airways’ presence in Malta, exemplified by its customer-centric office, reinforces the airline's commitment to delivering exceptional service and comprehensive travel solutions. This office is a pivotal touchpoint for both local and international travelers, offering a vast array of services ranging from expert flight reservations to detailed travel assistance.

With a focus on meeting every passenger’s needs with professionalism and attentiveness, the Malta office embodies Qatar Airways' global standards of excellence. Whether customers are planning a leisurely vacation, a business trip, or need last-minute travel arrangements, the experienced team in Malta ensures each journey is seamless, comfortable, and aligned with the high-quality service Qatar Airways is known for.

Malta Office Contact Information

  • Address location: Malta
  • Email:
  • Phone Numbers: +974 4023 0023 / +35 627781140

Traveler Needs and Services from Malta office

Efficient Flight Reservations: The Malta office offers efficient and comprehensive flight booking services, accommodating various travel schedules and preferences.

Urgent Travel Solutions: Specializing in last-minute travel arrangements, ensuring prompt and flexible solutions for unexpected travel needs.

Travel Itinerary Modifications: Assistance with modifying travel itineraries, including changes in flight dates, destinations, or passenger details.

Group Travel Arrangements: Expert handling of group travel reservations, catering to diverse needs and ensuring a cohesive travel experience.

Travel Requirements for Minors: Providing guidance and services for minors traveling alone, ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the journey.

Special Assistance Services: Arranging special assistance for travelers with disabilities, ensuring accessible and comfortable travel experiences.

Excess Baggage Handling: Assistance with the process and policies regarding excess baggage, including fees and restrictions.

Flight Disruption Management: Providing support and alternative options in case of flight delays or cancellations.

Lost Baggage Assistance: Helping passengers with lost or delayed baggage claims, ensuring a swift resolution.

Seat Selection and Cabin Upgrades: Offering assistance with seat selection and cabin upgrades to enhance travel comfort.

Baggage Policy Information: Providing detailed information on baggage allowances, restrictions, and prohibited items.

Check-in Procedures and Boarding Information: Clarifying check-in timelines, boarding processes, and airport procedures for hassle-free travel.

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