Qatar Airways Office in Paris (France)

In the heart of Paris, at 19 Ponthieu Street, lies the Qatar Airways Office, a beacon of exceptional customer service in the realm of international air travel. This office, strategically positioned in one of the world's most iconic cities, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of travel services.

Emphasizing on customer-centric approaches, the Paris office specializes in offering personalized flight reservations, catering to diverse traveler needs ranging from business trips to leisurely escapes. The team, available around the clock, is committed to ensuring that each journey with Qatar Airways begins with expert guidance and support, reflecting the airline's global reputation for excellence in service and customer satisfaction.

Whether it's managing complex itineraries or addressing specific travel preferences, the Paris office stands ready to assist, blending Qatar Airways’ global standards with a flair unique to the City of Lights.

Paris Office Contact Information

  • Address: 19 Ponthieu street, 75008 Paris, France
  • Email:
  • Service Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Phone Number: +33 4 88 91 07 26


Traveler Needs and Services from Paris office

Tailored Flight Booking Assistance: Expert help with flight reservations, providing a variety of options to match different travel plans and budgets.

Immediate Response for Urgent Travel Requirements: Rapid assistance for travelers requiring last-minute flight arrangements or facing urgent travel situations.

Efficient Handling of Group Bookings: Specialized services for managing group travel, accommodating the needs of both small and large groups.

Support for Excess and Special Baggage Requests: Assistance with additional baggage needs, including special arrangements for oversized or delicate items.

Resolution of Baggage Related Concerns: Support in tracking and resolving issues related to delayed, lost, or damaged baggage.

Detailed Information on Baggage Allowances and Restrictions: Providing clear and concise information on baggage policies, including weight limits and prohibited items.

Assistance with Seat Selection and Flight Upgrades: Helping travelers in selecting their preferred seats or facilitating cabin upgrades for a more comfortable journey.

Special Arrangements for Family and Infant Travel: Ensuring that families traveling with infants or young children have all the necessary amenities for a stress-free journey.

Support for Travelers with Special Needs: Offering assistance and making necessary arrangements for passengers with special requirements.

Guidance for Unaccompanied Minor Travel: Providing comprehensive services and support for the safe travel of unaccompanied minors.

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