Doha-International Airport: More than forty million passengers expected in 2023

Doha Airport, the main gateway to Qatar’s booming aviation industry, has ambitious plans to double its current passenger carrying capacity to 40 million by 2023. Since its opening in 1984, Doha Airport became a major hub in the Middle East and is increasingly establishing itself as an important international destination with its world-class facilities and amenities.

Expansion of existing facilities

The expansion of existing facilities in Doha will be crucial to achieving the target set for this year. Doha Airport’s Terminal 1 opened in 2015, bringing with it an additional 5 million passengers per year. This opening was quickly followed by the addition of Terminal 2 in 2020, which increased the airport’s annual capacity to 25 million passengers. Further expansions are planned over the next three years, which will bring an additional 10 million passengers a year online, giving Doha airport a total capacity of 40 million a year by 2023.

Increase in air routes

In recent years, Doha Airport has significantly expanded its airline network, which now has more than one hundred and twenty destinations in Europe, Asia and North America, and many more around the world. In addition, other carriers like Etihad, Emirates and United Airlines regularly call at Doha every week. These new air connections lead to an increase in passenger numbers, as more people can fly directly to Qatar from several airports located around the world.

Improved customer experience

Along with expanding its facilities, the Government of Qatar is taking steps to continuously improve the customer experience in the airport areas and beyond. Modern display technologies detail real-time information regarding flights, services or commercial offers through dynamic digital signage solutions that deliver engaging content exploring physical objects combined with audio-visual content, navigation orientation ensuring a smooth and efficient journey for travelers arriving at KAIA. Automated processes designed using artificial intelligence support customer care by helping travelers quickly find what they need through interactive kiosks during the check-in process.

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