Qatar Airways: Its cargo service sets a new record

The monthly report of The STAT Trade Times, which specializes in providing in-depth information on the aviation, tourism, shipping and transportation sectors globally, said that Qatar Airways broke the record in the air freight and aviation sector after concluding a deal with the American Boeing to buy up to 50 cargo aircraft. In conjunction with the launch of this new model by Boeing, Qatar Airways will become the first global operator of the 777-8 air freight aircraft with a confirmed order for 34 aircraft, and an optional order to purchase another 16 aircraft, with a total value of more than 20 billion dollars. , becoming the most valuable in the history of the Boeing Company.

The specialized global news site added that major shipping companies such as Boeing and Airbus are looking to strengthen their partnerships with Qatar Airways to restore the growth momentum of the shipping sector that it lost during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The report said that Qatar Airways Cargo fleet included five Airbus A330-200 freighters.

But as of January 31, 2021, Qatar Airways, which the report describes as the world’s largest freighter, has removed all Airbus freighters to maintain the Boeing freighter fleet.

STAT Media Group quoted Guillaume Halleux, Chief Cargo Officer at Qatar Airways, referring in an earlier interview to the company’s intention to maintain a homogeneous fleet, saying, “We did not hide a secret from the beginning that an order for five B777 freighters was placed at the Paris Air Show in The year 2019 was to replace and phase out the A330 freighters.This is part of simplifying our freighter fleet and going to a homogeneous fleet for very clear reasons of improvement and synergy.

The report notes that at the Dubai Air Show, Boeing brought the 777-9 test aircraft of the Boeing 777X family for the first time internationally. The same show is expected to take place at the Singapore Air Show later this month. The aircraft is expected to be delivered for the first time in late 2023.

Reports suggest that with the pandemic not expected to end soon, the first delivery may be delayed by at least a year. This means that delivery of the proposed freighter version of the 777X, to Qatar Airways, as its first launch customer, may also be delayed from the original commercial entry of 2027.

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