Qatar Airways strengthens its presence in Africa with flights to Madagascar

Qatar Airways recently received approval from the Malagasy government to fly over Madagascar’s airspace, marking a significant turning point in air relations between Qatar and the island nation. This new authorization paves the way for the Qatari airline to launch regular flights between Doha, its main hub, and Antananarivo airport serving the Malagasy capital.

The company plans to operate up to seven weekly flights (one flight daily) on this new route, although the exact dates for the launch of these services have not yet been announced. This development occurs in a particular context, marked by the suspension of international connections of Air Madagascar, the national airline, due to financial constraints.

The opening of this route by the Qatari company offers an important alternative for travelers wishing to travel to or from Madagascar, and could potentially stimulate air traffic as well as commercial and tourist exchanges between the two countries. It also represents an opportunity for the African country to strengthen its connectivity with the Middle East and beyond, thanks to Qatar Airways’ extensive network.

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