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Air transport is one of the most comfortable and safe modes of transportation. However, this does not exclude the occurrence of various emergency situations during the flight. These include flight delays or cancellations, damage to baggage, illnesses, injuries and even a plane crash. The latter case is extremely unlikely, but it must be anticipated.

Travel Guard, the travel insurance product provided by Qatar Airways, is intended to partially offset the negative consequences of such situations. This service is provided under an agreement with an insurance company or a specialized insurance broker. It provides for the collection by the insured of a pecuniary indemnity in the event of an insured event. The list of these cases must be specified in the contract.

Qatar Airways flight delay insurance

Cancellation or delay of departure for various reasons (eg weather conditions) is an insured event. In this case, the customer is refunded the amount of the cost of the flight or a flight is organized free of charge at a time convenient to him. If the QA flight is insured, the passenger will be reimbursed for the amount spent on hotel accommodation and meals while waiting for a new flight. To do this, you must submit the necessary documents, as well as indicate the time of the delay and its reasons.

Purchase your insurance online, directly on the Qatar Airways website.

Accident insurance

Usually, the cost of insurance against an accident during the flight is included in the price of the flight. However, the fees paid by air carriers are low, so it is advisable to take out an additional policy.

The insurance company pays substantial financial compensation in the event of a plane crash, terrorist attack and other accidents on board. In the event of injury or disability of the insured person, the amount of benefits is calculated according to the degree of damage to health. In the event of a fatal outcome, the insurance indemnities are received in full by the relatives of the insured.

Personal effects insurance

A business aviation customer can transport valuables, including very expensive ones, by air. To be compensated in the event of a claim or damage, you must:

– Buy an appropriate insurance policy;

– Declare luggage;

– Keep the receipts issued during baggage check-in.

In the event of an insured event, all these documents must be submitted to the insurance company. The insured amount may vary depending on the amount of damage.

Theft insurance allows you to ensure a reliable rear in the event of certain circumstances of force majeure. But the contract should only be concluded with experienced and reputable companies in the insurance market such as AIG Travel (the company collaborating with Qatar Airways) offering Travel Guard. This will minimize the risk of denial of compensation in the event of an insured event.

Contact your travel insurance

Consult the table below and find the contact details corresponding to your country:

Country Travel insurance contact
Kuwait +1 817 826 7276
United Arab Emirates
France +33.1.490.246.70
Germany +
Italy +
Norway +
Spain +
Sweden +45.38.489.338
United Kingdom +44.0.1273.376.935
Arabic-speaking passengers +971.4509.6111

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