Qatar Airways Offices in Spain

Qatar Airways, a leading figure in international air travel, proudly serves Spain with its key offices in Barcelona and Madrid. These offices are vital touchpoints for travelers seeking a fusion of Qatar Airways' global excellence and local Spanish charm. Whether it's for making reservations, obtaining detailed travel information, or receiving personalized customer service, the teams in both Barcelona and Madrid are equipped to provide world-class service.

These offices not only facilitate travel into and out of Spain but also act as bridges, connecting Spanish cities with over 160 destinations worldwide. Emphasizing convenience and accessibility, Qatar Airways in Spain offers an array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of travelers, from leisure tourists to business professionals. With a commitment to excellence, these offices embody Qatar Airways' dedication to ensuring a seamless and luxurious travel experience for every passenger.


Pg. de GrĂ cia, 28, 6a, planta


C. de Orense, 4, 5c, Izq

Call Center


Traveler Needs and Services from offices in Spain

Comprehensive Flight Booking Services: Expert assistance in planning and booking your flights, tailored to your individual travel preferences and needs.

Inquiries and Feedback on Customer Experience: A platform for passengers to provide feedback or raise any concerns about their travel experiences, ensuring continuous improvement in service quality.

Baggage Handling Support: Assistance with all baggage-related queries, from lost or delayed baggage to special baggage requirements.

Flight Ticket Adjustments: Providing services to modify existing flight bookings, including date changes, destination alterations, and ticket cancellations.

Up-to-Date Flight Information: Offering the latest information on flight schedules, delays, or cancellations to keep travelers informed and prepared.

Frequent Flyer Program Details: Information and support regarding Qatar Airways' Privilege Club, explaining how to earn and redeem points, and other member benefits.

Accurate Departure and Arrival Times: Timely information on the departure and arrival times of flights, ensuring travelers have the most current details.

Special Assistance Request Handling: Arranging special services for a variety of needs, including travelers with disabilities, young passengers, and other special requirements.

Travel Documentation and Visa Assistance: Guidance on necessary travel documentation, including visas, passports, and other travel-related paperwork.

Health and Safety Advisory Services: Up-to-date advice on health and safety protocols, including travel advisories and precautions in light of global and local health situations.

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