Qatar Airways Barcelona office in Spain

In the heart of Barcelona, a city renowned for its artistic flair and architectural wonders, the Qatar Airways Office stands as a testament to the airline's commitment to superior service and connectivity. Located on Pg. de Gràcia, this office is a key hub for travelers in Barcelona, offering an array of services from flight reservations to detailed travel assistance.

The experienced team at the Barcelona office is dedicated to providing personalized support, ensuring that each traveler's needs are met with precision and care. Available around the clock, this office is a reliable resource for both local and international travelers, offering the perfect blend of local expertise and Qatar Airways' global service excellence.

Whether it's for business trips, vacation planning, or general travel inquiries in Spain, the Barcelona office is equipped to offer comprehensive solutions, making every journey an experience to remember.

Barcelona office contact Information

  • Address: Pg. de Gràcia, 28, 6a, planta, 1a, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
  • Email:
  • Service Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Phone Numbers: 079-6155 6000 / 900807681

Traveler Needs and Services from Barcelona office

Expert Flight Reservation Assistance:
Personalized support for booking flights, with information on routes, fares, and availability to suit diverse travel plans.

Post-Journey Feedback and Concerns:
A dedicated channel for sharing experiences and addressing any concerns, ensuring continuous improvement in services.

Detailed Baggage Assistance:
Providing information and support for all baggage-related inquiries, including policies on special or excess baggage.

Modifications to Existing Flight Bookings:
Assistance with altering travel plans, including changes to flight dates, destinations, or passenger details.

Latest Flight Schedule and Status Updates:
Offering real-time updates on flight schedules, including any changes, delays, or cancellations.

Privilege Club Membership Information:
Detailed information about the benefits of Qatar Airways' Privilege Club, how to join, and how to maximize point earnings.

Up-to-Date Departure and Arrival Information:
Providing accurate and timely information regarding flight departures and arrivals.

Arranging Special Travel Requirements:
Ensuring all passengers, including those with special needs, have a comfortable and seamless travel experience.

Travel Document Advisory:
Assistance with understanding and preparing necessary travel documents, such as visas and transit requirements.

Travel Health and Safety Guidelines:
Offering guidance on current health and safety measures for travel, including updates on travel regulations and advisories.

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