Qatar Airways Offices in Switzerland

In the heart of Europe, Qatar Airways maintains a strong presence in Switzerland with offices located in the cities of Zurich and Geneva. These offices are renowned for providing top-notch customer service, ensuring seamless travel experiences from the moment of reservation. Whether in Zurich, with its blend of urban sophistication, or Geneva, known for its cosmopolitan flair, Qatar Airways' offices are committed to upholding the highest standards of service and convenience.

The teams in both cities excel in offering detailed assistance for all travel-related queries. From flight reservations to last-minute changes, their expertise ensures that every journey with Qatar Airways from Switzerland meets the exceptional standards the airline is known for. With a focus on accessibility, these offices are a touchpoint for travelers seeking personalized support, complete with direct contact options and dedicated phone numbers.

Call Center (Phone number): +41 31 537 23 21


Claridenstrasse 36 8002 Zurich


Place de la Fusterie 5, 1204

Traveler Needs and Services from Switzerland offices

Last-Minute Booking Solutions: Specialized support for last-minute flight reservations, catering to urgent travel needs.

Group Travel Arrangements: Tailored services for group travel, ensuring a harmonious journey for all members.

Business Class Booking Perks: Assistance with business class bookings, emphasizing luxury and comfort.

Customized Meal Planning: Helping passengers with the reservation of special meals according to dietary needs or preferences.

Baggage Policy Guidance: Comprehensive advice on baggage policies, including information on special items and sports equipment.

Privilege Club Family Program: Detailed information about the Privilege Club's family program, making travel rewarding for the whole family.

Lounge Access Details: Information on accessing Qatar Airways' exclusive lounges for a luxurious travel experience.

Mile Redemption for Baggage: Assistance on using Privilege Club miles for additional baggage allowances.

Online Check-in Support: Providing step-by-step guidance for the online check-in process, making travel preparations smoother.

Special Assistance Services: Offering information and support for travelers needing special assistance, ensuring a comfortable and accessible journey.

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