Qatar Airways Zurich office in Switzerland

Zurich, the vibrant heart of Switzerland, is home to a distinguished Qatar Airways office, renowned for its exceptional customer service and commitment to seamless travel experiences. Nestled in the bustling cityscape, this office stands as a testament to Qatar Airways' dedication to excellence. The professional staff at the Zurich office are experts in crafting tailor-made travel solutions, ensuring every journey begins with ease and comfort.

Travelers visiting the Zurich office can expect comprehensive support, from reservation queries to last-minute travel adjustments in Switzerland. The team’s deep understanding of the unique needs of travelers in Zurich is evident in their personalized approach to each client. With state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on customer satisfaction, the office is a beacon of Qatar Airways' globally recognized service standards.

Zurich office contact Information

  • Address location: Claridenstrasse 36, 8002 Zurich, Switzerland
  • Email:
  • Phone Numbers: +41 44 204 38 20 / +41 31 537 23 21

Traveler Needs and Services from Zurich office

Online Reservation Assistance: Expert guidance for making and managing reservations online.

Airport Reservation Support: Specialized help for booking flights directly at the airport.

Ticket Modification Services: Professional assistance with ticket changes, including name and date alterations.

Group Travel Coordination: Tailored services for organizing group or family travel efficiently.

Special Meal Request Handling: Helping travelers with dietary needs or preferences arrange special in-flight meals.

Privilege Club Family Benefits: Information and support for maximizing the benefits of the Privilege Club family program.

Lounge Accessibility Information: Providing details about lounge access and facilities available at various airports.

Miles Redemption for Upgrades: Guidance on using miles to enjoy upgrades and additional services.

Car Rental Services: Assisting with car rental arrangements for convenient travel upon destination arrival.

Duty-Free Service Information: Offering insights on duty-free shopping options available with Qatar Airways.

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