Qatar Airways: Passenger gives birth mid-flight

In a pleasant and unexpected surprise, a Qatar Airways female passenger gave birth to her baby girl in mid-air on her flight from Doha to Entebbe.

And the mother – a Ugandan national; raided the pain of childbirth, which prompted her to seek help from the Qatar Airways hospitality crew, who did not hesitate to respond to the passenger and help her.

Dr. Aisha Al-Khatib, a professor at the University of Toronto, who was on board the flight, assisted with the successful delivery.

She also narrated on her official Twitter account – the details of her delivery, according to BBC News.

She said, “I was surprised by this call, ‘Is there a doctor on the plane? …I raised my hand but I never thought I would be involved in the birth of a child on a Qatar Airways flight.”

She added, “I thank the airline crew for Qatar Airways, who helped support the birth of this miracle that happened in the air!” ..and mother and baby are fine and in good health! .

And according to the “BBC” website, Dr. Al-Khatib, exhausted from the hard work schedule in Toronto, which suffers from the Corona virus, was enjoying a well-deserved rest, but she did not hesitate when he asked the Qatar Airways crew: Is there a doctor on board?

Al-Khatib told BBC News: “I saw a crowd of people gathering around the patient. At this point she was assuming the situation was critical, like a heart attack.”

And she continued, “As I got closer, I saw this woman lying on the bench with her head toward the corridor and her feet toward the window. And the baby was coming out!”

It is worth noting that it is not the first childbirth, in 2020 a Ukrainian doctor helped deliver a woman on Qatar Airways during a vacation trip in Bangkok.

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