Qatar Airways Offices in China

Qatar Airways, a symbol of global connectivity and travel excellence, proudly serves China with its offices in Beijing, Chengdu, and Chongqing. Each office, strategically located in these key Chinese cities, offers a unique blend of local expertise and international service standards. These offices are not just points of contact but are gateways to the world, reflecting the dynamism and diversity of China's travel needs.

Call Center (Phone number): 400-994-9991


East 3rd Ring North Road, Chaoyang District


666 of Middle Phase of Tianfu Avenue, Hi-Tech District


28 Min Quan Road, Yuzhong District

Traveler Needs and Services from China offices

Comprehensive Travel Planning:
Offering end-to-end assistance in planning your journey, from flight selection to itinerary customization, catering to both business and leisure travelers.

Cultural and Language Assistance:
Recognizing the importance of cultural nuances and language in travel, our multilingual staff provides assistance in Mandarin, Cantonese, and other regional dialects, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Business Travel Solutions:
Tailored services for corporate clients, including group bookings, flexible fare options, and streamlined billing processes, to meet the specific needs of business travel.

Family and Child Travel Services:
Ensuring a comfortable and stress-free journey for families, with special services for children, including entertainment, meals, and assistance with family seating.

Travel Insurance Guidance:
Offering advice and options for travel insurance, ensuring peace of mind for health, luggage, and trip disruptions.

Visa and Transit Information:
Providing up-to-date information and assistance on visa requirements, transit options, and layover activities for travelers passing through or visiting multiple destinations.

Health and Safety Protocols:
Guidance on the latest health and safety protocols, including COVID-19 measures, to ensure safe and responsible travel.

Event and Seasonal Travel Advice:
Offering insights into local events, festivals, and seasonal attractions, helping travelers plan their visit to coincide with China's rich cultural calendar.

Luxury and Bespoke Travel Services:
For those seeking an elevated travel experience, offering bespoke services such as luxury accommodations, private transfers, and exclusive experiences.

Eco-Friendly Travel Options:
Guidance on sustainable travel choices, aligning with Qatar Airways' commitment to environmental stewardship.

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